Technical Medicine master students tackle COVID-19 cases

News - 03 December 2020 - Webredactie 3ME

During the COVID Case Day, thirty master students from the Technical Medicine programme studied COVID-19-related cases submitted by various hospitals and health-care institutions. The students examined issues such as ‘How do you personally communicate with a patient if you’re completely covered in protective clothing?’; ‘Can you reduce nurses’ workload by efficiently monitoring vital parameters?’; and ‘How do you provide effective medical training with the limitations on physical presence?’ Diederik Gommers, chair of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care, opened the day with an inspiring presentation about the latest update regarding our battle against the coronavirus, what direction we need to go in, and what role Clinical Technology can play in this effort. The students came up with several innovative ideas that may well be put into practice in the future.

The COVID Case Day took place in the Poortgebouw at the Leiden Medical University Center (LUMC) and was led by Jeroen de Kempenaer from Philips Innovation Services. His expertise provided students with the tools to develop a plan based on an idea. Argho Ray, medical specialist at LUMC, used his clinical perspective to provide further medical concepts. The Covid Case Day is an initiative of the master committee of Variscopic, the student association for BSc Clinical Technology and MSc Technical Medicine at TU Delft, LUMC and Erasmus MC.

It was a special and educational day with great ideas as a result! And the fact that we could do this physically made the meeting even more special.

Friso Engel