Data-driven approach to facilitate safe mobility

News - 10 February 2020 - Webredactie 3ME

The research programme ‘Towards Safe Mobility for All: A Data-Driven Approach’ has been awarded a grant by NWO to conduct interdisciplinary research on human behaviour during transitions. The coordinator is Joost de Winter, researcher at the Department of Cognitive Robotics and expert in the area of human-machine interaction and car driving. This project studies how sensor data can be used to provide short-term and long-term feedback to young, elderly and professional drivers. The aim is to improve data processing algorithms to facilitate a transition to safe mobility for everyone. NWO awarded grants to twelve proposals. TU Delft is participating in a total of eight of the twelve consortia, and is coordinating four of them. 

Joost de Winter
‘We are happy to have secured this grant in the new NWO call “Transitions and Behaviour”. Together with a team of enthusiastic partners and co-applicant Dick de Waard from the University of Groningen we hope to make a positive contribution to road safety and mobility.’

Funding for research in the ‘Transitions and Behaviour’ call
Dutch society is facing a number of major challenges, including in the areas of mobility, climate change, healthcare and renewable energy. It is important when addressing these transition issues to strike a balance between technology and society. In the ‘Transitions and Behaviour’ programme, researchers from the exact sciences and behavioural sciences work closely together with partners from industry, government and civil society organisations. The studies focus on how behaviour and behavioural change facilitate and accelerate the necessary transitions. Most projects have a duration of five years.

Read more (in Dutch) about all projects: TU Delft goed vertegenwoordigd binnen NWO-programma 'Transities en gedrag' (TU Delft well represented in NWO’s ‘Transitions and Behaviour’ programme J.C.F. de Winter

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