BK MOOCs and ProfEd courses successful

News - 09 September 2020 - Communication BK

The BK MOOC Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable, led by Professor. Andy van de Dobbelsteen, has been selected from all the TU Delft MOOCs and is nominated for the yearly edX prize for ‘Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning’.

The MOOC  has already been offered three times on the online platform and will soon get an follow up in a ProfEd: Advanced Zero-Energy Design: validate your building's performance starting on 16 September. This course is primarily geared towards working professionals. Subscription is still open.
In addition, the PRofCert Programme 'Buildings as Sustainable Energy Systems', consisting of four MOOCs, led by professor  Laure Itard and Dr. Paula vd Brom has just started with over 3000 participants. There are more than 10,000 registrations for the entire programme and it is still possible to subscribe.