Chair of Public Real Estate agrees four-year contract with Netherlands Police

News - 17 November 2020 - Communication BK

The Netherlands Police is one of the biggest owners of public real estate in the Netherlands. From police station to forensic laboratory, from listed buildings in the centre of The Hague to large-scale facilities on the motorway in Driebergen: the task of housing the Police is as diverse as it is challenging. This September saw Monique Arkesteijn and Alexandra den Heijer (Chair of Public Real Estate, MBE department) enter into a four-year cooperation contract with the Police.

The contract signed by the Netherlands Police and TU Delft in The Hague (from left to right Majorie Jans, Monique Arkesteijn, Guido Bennebroek, Louk Heijnders and Alexandra den Heijer). (photo source: Netherlands Police)

Themes such as innovation and sustainability, health and safety, as well as identity, flexibility and affordability are all of relevance for the Police’s accommodation strategy. Efforts are being made to strike a new balance between the physical, mobile and digital workplace – just like at the university. With this in mind, Monique and Alexandra will also be involving their Campus Research Team, who have been supporting universities in their campus decisions for decades. Providing support for decision-making about the Police’s highly varied facilities will be one of the main objectives of this contract.

The Netherlands Police headquarters in the centre of The Hague (photo source: Netherlands Police)

Research and education

A new PhD researcher will form a bridge between academia and practice by working part-time in the Facilities sector of the Police Services Centre. Short-term educational and research projects will also be organised, in which the research team will involve students and colleagues from the faculty and university.

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