MOOC: Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment

News - 27 June 2021

Learn how the principles of the Circular Economy can be applied to the built environment in this massive open online course. This MOOC has already helped educate thousands of people worldwide about the Circular Economy and starts anytime (self-paced).

About this course

The Circular Economy model offers guidelines and principles for promoting more sustainable building construction and reducing the impact on our environment. In this course you will become familiar with circularity as a systemic, multi-disciplinary approach, concerned with the different scales, from material to product, building, city, and region.

Some aspects of circularity that will be included in this course are maximizing reuse and recycle levels by closing the material loops. You will also learn how the Circular Economy can help to realign business incentives in supply chains, and how consumers can be engaged and contribute to the transition through new business models enabling circular design, reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling of building components.

In addition, you will learn how architecture and urban design can be adapted according to the principles of the Circular Economy and ensure that construction is more sustainable. You will also learn from case studies how companies already profitably incorporate this new theory into the design, construction and operation of the built environment.

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