New professional education course on circular building products

News - 25 September 2020 - Communication BK

Discover the opportunities that circular building products can offer. Enroll now for the professional education course ‘Circular Building Products for a Sustainable Built Environment’, which starts on 7 October.

About this course

Building products are the basic components of the built environment. As such, they play a crucial role in the transition from the Linear to a Circular Economy. In this course you will discover the opportunities that circular building products can offer. You will investigate them from various perspectives: design, technology, business case and methods of implementation (including, among others, digital product tracking).

This course is suitable for architects, product designers, managers, supply chain actors and other professionals working towards the development of future products used to create sustainable, circular buildings. The course will provide you with a theoretical framework, the terminology used in the sector and real examples of circular solutions in terms of architectural product design. It will use real world case studies and provide you with the tools to create new products and business models, and help you to fully understand the complexity of the task and are able to judge existing circular approaches. Ultimately, it will teach you how circular products are the result of systems thinking and interdisciplinary approaches and will thus help you design and develop new circular building products and processes for your organisation.