Representing, embodying and enabling democracy

News - 20 May 2020 - Communication BK

How have architecture and urban planning played a role in democracy over the course of the 20th century? PhD researchers Íñigo Cornago Bonal and Burcu Köken use the extensive archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut to answer this question. Their research is part of the ‘Architecture and Democracy’ programme, an initiative between the Jaap Bakema Study Centre, the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Archive deep dive
Burcu Köken centres her research on the comprehensive study of the architecture journals Forum, RIBA Journal and Mimarlık between 1960-1980, and how they relate to the advancement of various social programmes during the postwar period. Learn more about her research here.

Talking housing
Íñigo Cornago Bonal studies the role of dwellers in shaping the contemporary global housing system and their impact on spatial justice. Read more about his research here.

More information
The Jaap Bakema Study Centre is a collaboration between TU Delft’s faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment  and Het Nieuwe Instituut. Together with third parties, academic research is instigated in the fields of architecture and urban planning. The collections of the National Archive for Dutch Architecture and Planning form the basis for the research programmes, which are situated at the intersection of advanced historical/theoretical studies, and urgent social issues. 

Contact Dirk van den Heuvel and Jorge Mejia Hernandez for more information, or visit the website of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre here