No world record longest crate bridge for Delft

News - 18 September 2020 - Webredactie

After one year of preparations and weeks of construction, a team of Civil Engineering students tried to build the longest bridge ever made out of crates. The 30 meter long bridge, that consisted of 0.0 beer crates, was supposed to break the world record of TU Eindhoven students.

But it was not to be. On Thursday 17 september, when the scaffolding was removed, the bow of the bridge came down in a flash. There was yelling. Then there was silence. And then slowly everyone started to applaud the team that had put so many effort in this project.

‘We were looking for the limits. And we have found them’, the team posted on social media shortly after the livestream ended.

More information
The team reports on and via instagram.

Delta published an article about the event.

Omroep West filmed the collapse of the bridge.