Technologies for the transition phase

News - 28 May 2020 - Webredactie

After worldwide lockdowns due to COVID-19, many countries are on their way to 'the new normal'. To investigate and shape our new normal we need vetted data and models combined with profound knowledge about digital technologies and systems. On the new website ‘COVID-19: Technologies for the transition phase’ researchers from Delft University of Technology share their knowledge and expertise to help shape a responsible transition to the new normal in the critical years that lie ahead. Serge Hoogendoorn, professor Traffic operations & management, is one of the initiators. Many researchers from the department of Transport & Planning have already contributed. Two articles are highlighted below.

Tools to support social distancing

Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn discusses the impact of social distancing on our mobility systems and what ways and tools we have available to ensure the necessary distance between passengers. With contributions of: Niels van Oort, Dorine Duives, Maria Salomons, Alexandra Gavriilidou, Winnie Daamen (T&P).

Using traffic and transport technology to support contact research

Panchamy Krishnakumari, Oded Cats and Serge Hoogendoorn state that traffic and transportdata are an important source of information for understanding, predicting and preventing the spreading of the coronavirus. Using data and simulations they can for example look at travel patterns and locations where many people come together, or identify the impact of strategies on virus spreading in public transport.

More information

View all expertise and read all contributions on the website ‘COVID-19: Technologies for the transition phase’