News - 14 May 2020 - Secretariaat Sanitary Engineering

Our AidroLab proposal was chosen as the first Artificial Intelligence laboratory hosted by the CEG Faculty as part of the Kick Start Call of TU Delft’s DAI-Labs initiative. AidroLab is led by the Department of Water Management and the Department of Intelligent Systems (EEMCS), in collaboration with the Department of Hydraulic Engineering (CEG), and the departments of Software Technology (EEMCS) and Microelectronics (EEMCS).

The focus of the lab is to carry out cutting-edge fundamental and applied research in the emerging field of Geometric Deep Learning (GDL) to solve issues related to urban water infrastructure and flooding in the urban environment. Contrary to conventional AI techniques, GDL accounts for the complex topologies of water networks and urban systems, thus allowing to develop groundbreaking data-driven solutions that leverage the digitalization of the water sector. The methods and tools developed by AidroLab will enhance the adaptability and resilience of urban water systems, boost sustainable water management and effective flood control, and help decision-makers and first responders to address known criticalities and uncertain future conditions.

The innovative nature of the research program makes AidroLab a reference point for the entire CEG Faculty, fostering AI research across CEG departments, as well as bridging foundational research in computer science with civil engineering applications. This is reflected by the confirmed support for the proposed dissemination activities from the academic staff of all CEG departments. AidroLab is an interdisciplinary project that will train four Ph.D. students and a cohort of Master students. Educational contributions include the development of new courses, inter-faculty master theses, and a pedagogical book about machine learning. The lab will leverage the existing collaborations of the involved research groups and seek extra funding and valorization opportunities to extend its research program and maximize the impact.

I will lead AidroLab along with Dr. Elvin Isufi of EEMCS. We will be supported by several experts in urban water infrastructure and artificial intelligence, including Prof. Zoran Kapelan and Dr. Jeroen Langeveld from the Department of Water Management. The DAI-Lab initiative will formally start in the first week of June. So stay tuned for TU Delft's official launch, wish us luck and get in touch if you are interested in our research and dissemination activities!

Dr. R. Taormina, Assistant Professor in Urban Water Infrastructure