Prof Kapelan Joins KWR’s Scientific Council

News - 14 May 2020 - Secretariaat Sanitary Engineering

Prof Kapelan became a member of KWR’s External Scientific Advisory Council (ESAC) in 2019. ESAC provides advice and feedback on wide ranging research topics of interest to the KWR Water Cycle Institute. ESAC meets three times per year in Nieuwegein and each meeting addresses a specific issue. The first meeting Prof Kapelan attended took place in December 2019. For this meeting, members of the ESAC were asked to provide a feedback on KWR’s “Hydroinformatics and Smart Water Management Vision, Mission and Roadmap” document. This document addresses KWR’s growing ambition to develop a stronger profile in hydroinformatics and in the smart water sphere as these two are seen as important areas for future growth. The feedback provided turned out to be useful. Equally importantly, this meeting enabled Prof Kapelan  to improve his understanding of the Dutch water sector and key challenges and issues that will need to be addressed in the coming decade.