New measuring equipment accurately maps out the atmosphere above the TU Delft Campus

News - 23 June 2020

Last week saw the delivery and installation of a ‘94 GHz FMCW Doppler Cloud Radar’ at The Green Village on TU Delft Campus. This compact, mobile cloud radar is set to deliver high-resolution images of the composition of the clouds above TU Delft Campus. A mobile multifrequency microwave radiometer was also installed earlier this year. It is primarily used to extrapolate vertical profiles of temperature and air humidity. Both instruments will work together to provide a detailed picture of the local weather conditions and will also be incorporated within the Ruisdael Observatory’s nationwide network.

Ruisdael Observatory

The Ruisdael Observatory – named after the 17th-century painter Jacob Ruisdael – combines a nationwide dense network of measuring points with high-resolution simulations and the necessary computing power in order to map out changes in local weather, air quality and climate. The overarching system that both sets of

measuring equipment will become part of encompasses a fixed network of measuring points, mobile sensors and extensive ground stations that supply data about the atmosphere and its interaction with the Earth's surface. The Ruisdael Observatory is part of the NWO’s National Roadmap Large-scale Research Infrastructures research programme.

Ruisdael on campus
Both sets of measuring equipment will be accessible for researchers and students working on atmospheric research on campus. They will also be deployed as mobile measurement equipment for use in national and international measurement and calibration campaigns in which the Ruisdael Observatory participates.

The Green Village
The Green Village, the living lab for sustainable innovation in an urban environment, based on TU Delft Campus, is a logical place in which to base these mobile measurement instruments. Both instruments will be connected to The Green Village Digital, The Green Village data network. This will make The Green Village a small-scale physical measurement station within Ruisdael. For students and staff, the equipment will form a visual interaction between hardware and data.

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