Design researchers in two new NWA-ORC consortia

News - 10 December 2020 - Communication

At the end of November, the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announced the funding allocation in the second round of the National Research Agenda on Routes through Consortia (NWA-ORC). Design researchers at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, are closely involved in two of these consortia.

Quantum Inspire – the Dutch Quantum Computer in the Cloud

Quantum technology has the potential to impact society at large. It may provide answers to societal challenges in many different fields such as energy, food supply, security and health care, all of which could be revolutionized once quantum computing matures. In order to fully understand and realise the impact of quantum computing on our society, it’s important to bring the technology closer to its future users. In comparison: the full potential of early digital computers was realised only when users were able to interact with them. The consortium aims to follow a similar path for quantum computing by allowing future users to interact with Quantum Inspire, the first European quantum computing platform in the cloud. IDE's Professor Paul Hekkert and Assistant Professor Derek Lomas will bring their Delft Design approach to this research project. 

More info on Quantum Inspire

eHealth junior

Within eHealth junior, care professionals, patients, business partners, and government collaborate to develop high quality eHealth tools for one million chronically ill children. These tools allow personalised and trans-diagnostic prevention of psychological problems and optimal participation. eHealth tools will be made widely available through accessible, user-friendly, safe, and sustainable platforms. With his experience with, and research into eHealth, IDE researcher Valentijn Visch will contribute to this project.