‘Alliance for Sports Engineering Education’ launch

News - 27 February 2020 - Communication

This week, the EU funded project A4SEE officially started. In this Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project, the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute works alongside companies, sports federations, and other universities,  to try and close the gap between the sports industry and sports engineering education. The project is led by IDE lecturer Arjen Jansen and the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Project partners include Sheffield Hallam University, Chemnitz Technical University, Aalborg University and FH Technikum Wien.

In the sports world, demands placed on technical innovation go much further than a good looking shirt or a well-fitting shoe. It has proved difficult for newly graduated engineers to connect with this demanding job market. By working together with many different stakeholders, the consortium expects to increase the match between curricula and sports industry. It also enables the involved universities to supply the industry with life-long learning solutions, and stimulates cross-sectoral cooperation.

Besides offering a fitting curriculum for students, there is strong focus on online courses, and a significant staff exchange between the industry and universities. Brussels has given the green light to arrange 22 Fellowships. The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute aims to bring about joint collaborations, by bringing together researchers based on both their research expertise (e.g. Aero- and hydrodynamics, biomechanics, product design) as well as in multidisciplinary sport-related projects (eg. Rowing, Cycling, Swimming, children’s play, etc). This multidisciplinary approach will lead to unique scientific output in the various fields of research.