Annemiek van Boeijen launches new book: Culture Sensitive Design

News - 02 June 2020 - Communication

On 1 June, IDE researcher Annemiek van Boeijen launched Culture Sensitive Design - A guide to culture in practice. This book offers a detailed overview of both theory and practical methods to become culturally sensitive in the 21st century design culture.

Our globalising world – with interconnected societies, worldwide cooperation, migration and ever-increasing digitisation – brings together a complexity of cultural groups that need to live together. And that consequently confronts designers with the challenge of facing cultural diversity in design.

Richly illustrated with anecdotes, examples and cases, this book motivates design educators and students, practitioners, and everybody who's interested in culture, to reflect on their own cultural backgrounds, learn more about the theories around cultures, and at the same time to stimulate them to put insights into practice.

The book helps to not only avoid cultural mistakes in design, but also to learn more about the diverse and complex layers of culture that define who we are, how we think, how we imagine, and how we create. It helps to open up the design space, thereby creating a tremendous source of new ideas.

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About the author

Annemiek van Boeijen (MSc/PhD) is Assistant Professor Industrial Design at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Her research focuses on the role of culture in design processes with the aim to develop design methods & tools that support designers with a culture sensitive approach to design. She is initiator and co-editor of the Delft Design Guide, moderator of the awarded Massive Open Online Course Product Design: The Delft Design Approach, and runs the double blended online course for master design students and design practitioners in Cultural Sensitive Design.

About the co-author / designer

Yvo Zijlstra is founder and designer of Antenna-Men, a network of multimedia producers and software developers. As coauthor and designer, he contributed to two books on design for the circular economy: Products that Last and Products that Flow. He is co-initiator and member of the editorial board for the Dutch cultural magazine Rode Haring, and graphic designer and visual editor of the Delft Design Guide.