Chen Chou nominated for TU Delft Best Graduate 2020

News - 05 November 2020 - Communication

When someone you care about is hospitalised, the situation is difficult under any circumstances. But during a pandemic, when you can’t visit them, the stress is even greater. Design for Interaction and Medesign MSc graduate Chen Chou recently developed a way for people to stay in touch with loved ones who are in Intensive Care, through music made by their vital signs. This won her the title IDE Best Graduate 2020 for her research, and Chen is now the official IDE nominee for TU Delft Best Graduate 2020. 

Her CareTunes for Families research project envisions medical data as something more than information for doctors and nurses. It transcodes information like heart rate, brain waves and a patient’s movements into a soundtrack that their loved ones can listen to at home via their smartphone. You can read more about this project and Chen’s journey from Taiwan to Delft and back in her TU Delft Story of Science.

Georgios Andreadis is TU Delft Best Graduate 2020

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On Tuesday 17 November, TU Delft together with Delft University Fund will proudly present eight brand-new engineers who can call themselves Best Graduate 2020 of their faculty. These exceptional talents will be in the spotlight during the TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony and everyone will have the opportunity to attend this event online. During the award ceremony, one of these eight nominees will receive the prestigious title TU Delft Best Graduate 2020. You will witness eight inspiring pitches and learn about 2020’s most outstanding master thesis projects. Join us in cheering for these excellent graduates!