AI*MAN Lab: human-AI teams

News - 02 June 2020

Anahita Jamshidnejad, assistant professor at the Department of Control & Operations of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, together with Myrthe Tielman, assistant professor at the Department of Intelligent Systems of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, will lead the research into collaboration between human and artificial intelligence (AI). This research will take place within the new AI*MAN Lab, which aims to develop the tools and methodologies for AI team members to understand humans and to be understandable to them, while  making optimal decisions.

The AI*MAN Lab is one of eight new 'TU Delft AI Labs', in which TU Delft scientists will investigate how  artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate scientific progress. . As AI is used in all domains of science, scientists doing research in AI and with AI will work together in these labs. All faculties are represented in these labs and about 6 researchers will be active in each lab.

TU Delft plans to double the budget in the field of AI, data & digitalisation to 70 million euros per year. These funds will be used for new talent and research units ('labs'), educational programmes on AI, data and digitalisation, accelerated educational innovation and the intensification of collaboration, partnerships and networks. 

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