Four NWO-GO research grants awarded to TU Delft

News - 24 September 2020

TU Delft has been awarded four research grants in the NWO-GO ("GebruikersOndersteuning") programme. One of these grants involves research into the 2018 Palu, Indonesia, earthquake and ensuing tsunami using data collected by several Earth observation satellites and data collected by a ground network of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers, several of them maintained by the Section Astrodynamics and Space Missions (AS) from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering

In addition, the in-house developed satellite Radar Altimeter Data Base System (RADS) plays an important role. This research will be led by Wim Simons, supported by a.o. Marc Naeije and Pieter Visser, and is in cooperation with colleagues from the TU Delft Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CiTG) and several partners in Indonesia. 

In addition, AS will provide logistical and data analysis support to a grant that was awarded to Femke Vossepoel, who conducted her PhD studies at AS and is currently Associate Professor at CiTG. The associated project focuses on the assessment of natural hazards in the Thailand Bangkok area, employing several types of Earth observation data including again data from terrestrial GNSS receivers and satellite altimeters (RADS). The project will involve several partners in Thailand.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the other two TU Delft winners of a NWO-GO grant, Bert Wouters, who also conducted his PhD studies at AS, and Cornelis Slobbe, with whom we have a close cooperation in the field of satellite altimetry, both Assistant Professor at CiTG.

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