Minister sends action plan Hybrid Electric Flying to Parliament

News - 09 March 2020

On 5 March 2020, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Van Nieuwenhuizen sent the Hybrid Electric Flying Action Programme (AHEV) to the Dutch Parliament. The action plan provides insight into how the Netherlands can develop in the field of hybrid and electric flying in the coming years. AHEV has been compiled by the government, the business community and knowledge and educational institutions. TU Delft is one of these parties. Professor of Flight Performance and Propulsion Leo Veldhuis: "Electric and electric hybrid flying promises to be a  highly likely part of a fully sustainable aviation sector. We at TU Delft can make a major contribution to the technological breakthroughs that are needed. 2070 seems far away, but in order to be emission-free in aviation, we have to get to work now. Now boarding.”

Read the Ontwerp Actieprogramma Hybride Elektrisch Vliegen (AHEV), the summary and the accompanying letter from the minister (for the time being in Dutch only) on  the website of the Dutch government.

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