Faculty building TPM has limited access

News - 05 June 2020 - Webredactie

The cabinet has taken steps to relax the COVID-19 lockdown measures. This also offers some opportunities for limited on-campus activities. The faculty building of TPM will open again as of 2nd of June, but step by step. Naturally appropriate within all current measures and with the necessary limitations. That means that the faculty building will have limited access again to all staff, including all PhD students and guest employees, from June 2, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. These measures will apply until September 1.

Norm continues to work from home. Access only after permission

The standard remains for all employees: working from home, unless ... This limited opening offers room to employees who must be present at the faculty to properly prepare and carry out research and education, with the necessary facilities and means are not reasonably available or are insufficiently available at home.
In order not to exceed the maximum capacity of our building, we need to monitor how many people are in the building, and we must set criteria. That is why you are only allowed to enter the building for a certain period of time, with the permission of the designated coordinator of the department, ITAV, DCE and the management support staff. Please fill in the form to request permission.

Criteria for access to the building

The criteria below have been drawn up with regard to which employees/activities have access to the building. This concerns:

  1. Preparation, recording or implementation of online education that is difficult to take place at home. You can also think of small-scale contact with your students (about 1-4 students).
  2. Research activities that must take place at the faculty.
  3. Employees who have crucial tasks with regard to the building and the facilities: building management, WPS, services, whereby the degree of service is adapted to the need. This includes the ER officers.
  4. External parties: only persons / companies that need to be in the building: contractors, suppliers, cleaners, etc.
  5. People who have to pick up certain things to work from home.
  6. Employees who are unable to work from home continually due to well-being reasons.

Measures within the building

Based on the guidelines of the RIVM, and in preparation for possible further relaxation measures, adjustments are made in the faculty, such as the use of workplaces, toilets, coffee machines and bicycle parking.
Mandatory walking routes have also been set up, and a maximum of 1 person is allowed to be in the elevator at one time. A distance of 1.5 meters must be kept, and various hygiene measures are taken, including disinfectants for your hands. For hygiene reasons, employees may only use their own laptop, mouse, keyboard, chair and desk.

TU Delft wide task forces

Within TU Delft, five TU Delft-wide Task Forces are looking at working, studying and well-being in the coming academic year. These Task Forces are also looking at the transition from the current situation to a new situation in which more could gradually be possible. As stated earlier, the faculty itself is also looking at this. It is a complex puzzle, in which many aspects play a role.

Online education

The press conference of 19 May indicated that practical training and examinations may be held on campus again. TU Delft has decided to follow the previously chosen route and to do all Q4 education and exams entirely online. That will be maintained. We also do the graduation ceremonies online. It is now being examined whether and under what conditions small-scale practicals and graduation work are physically possible from June 15. We can communicate more about this shortly.

Most current information

At tudelft.nl/corona you will find the most current information (with an update of May 20) about the measures that apply to the faculty of TPM and TU Delft.