NWO grants research proposal On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility

News - 06 February 2020 - Webredactie

NWO has granted the research proposal “On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility”. This is a joint project of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen and TU Delft. In collaboration with public stakeholders and private companies, this project develops and tests an innovative approach that systematically deals with uncertainties in a mobility system that needs to become more sustainable.

The way to reach a more sustainable mobility system is debated: from electric to hydrogen driving, with autonomously driving vehicles, with shared vehicles, on the basis of tailor made mobility (Mobility-as-a-Service), or perhaps a combination of these options. The choice of measures that effectively contribute to sustainability is surrounded by large uncertainties, which drive the way in which key stakeholders relate to the innovations needed. The project looks closely at how to deal with these uncertainties in a dynamic field with many players.

The project  is managed by Rob van der Heijden (RU) in close collaboration with Vincent Marchau  (RU), Els van Daalen  (TPM) and Wijnand Veeneman (TPM). Jan Kwakkel, Eric Molin, Alexander Verbraeck and Gerdien de Vries from TPM are also involved in the project. The proposal is one of twelve proposals that have been granted to conduct interdisciplinary research on the behaviour of stakeholders in transitions towards a sustainable society. The research grant enables 5 young researchers to work on the project in the next 4 years. 

In het project “On the Move” Radboud Universiteit and TUD collaborate with Prorail, Cetorhinus Maximus (Biosgroep), Mobiliteitsalliantie, BAM infraconsult, Transdev (Connexxion/Hermes), ROCOV Gelderland, Stedin Netbeheer, Futureconsult, Etopia, The Barn, Ministry of I&W, Province of Gelderland, and the municipalities of The Hague and Nijmegen.