Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam wins Waterman Award

News - 26 November 2020 - Communication TNW

Researcher Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam of the Bionanoscience department has won this year's H.I. Waterman Sustainability Award. The head of the department of Bionanoscience, Marileen Dogterom, virtually presented the award to her during an online meeting on Thursday 26 November. Karel Luyben, one of the members of the jury, complimented Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam on her important, innovative work on bio-inspired materials. 

The Waterman Award is handed out once every two years to a scientist from one of the three research departments housed in the Applied Sciences (58) building: Bionanoscience, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. The award is given to a scientist who contributes to developments that strengthen the economy and improve the environment at the same time.

A video about Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam's work was made especially for the online award ceremony:

I am very honoured to receive this award, thank you very much. Of course, this is not just my achievement but that of my whole group.

Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam