WIFI study: Whole-heart quantitative perfusion magnetic resonance Imaging during Free-breathing in women with Ischemia

News - 10 July 2020 - Communication ImPhys

In this project Sebastian Weingärtner, Hildo J. Lamb (Leiden University) and Frans Vos will develop new tools to diagnose a form of coronary artery disease that is not caused by obstruction in the major vessels. This form accounts for the majority of coronary artery disease cases in women but is rarely seen in man. Thus, conventional clinical methods often miss the diffuse pathological changes seen in this syndrome.

We will develop new methods for magnetic resonance imaging of the heart, to enable, for the first time, quantitative imaging of the blood perfusion of the entire heart muscle. This way we strive to provide the most comprehensive characterization of blood supply failure in the heart, with the promise to overhaul clinical workup of coronary artery disease without obstruction and enhance our understanding of heart-disease in women.