Information regarding the coronavirus

Following the Dutch government’s measures, TU Delft is also taking measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In doing so, we will make every effort to ensure that education can be offered online as much as possible, that research is guaranteed and that crucial processes continue to run smoothly.

On this page you will find more information. In short, the following starting points apply to TU Delft until further notice:

  • Working from home remains the norm. That is difficult, but we have to keep going. We urge you not to come to the campus unless there's really no alternative; this goes for visitors too.
  • Do stay at home if you or one of your housemates are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and try to arrange a test. If your test comes back clear and you feel well enough, you may come back on campus.
  • In principle, all education and all exams will remain online until further notice. Some small-scale graduation work that cannot be moved online, may take place on campus to a limited extent.
  • PhD defences will take place, although in a strongly modified form.
  • Unfortunately incoming and outgoing exchange programs are cancelled for first semester 2020-2021
  • Study places on campus are only available to a very limited extent.
  • Research and activities that cannot be carried out remotely, take place in an adapted form on campus.
  • Travel policy for staff and students remains tightened. Until further notice, it is not possible to book trips via TU Delft to high-risk areas or countries with a red or orange travel advice. Travel only if necessary and in consultation with your manager.
  • X is gradually reopening for outdoor sports
  • Finally, this is a complex time for all of us. Know you're not on your own. If you are having a hard time, please seek help. Our employees and students can contact their manager or study advisor at any time.

What will the coming academic year look like?

An outline of the coming academic year at TU Delft is taking shape more and more. It is likely to feature a mixture of online and on-campus education.

While a lot of education will still have to take place online, we are also seeing the limitations of that. We are therefore looking at all possibilities to combine online with on-campus education, piecemeal and step by step. To achieve this, we will spread out the education over the day as much as possible.

A number of starting points and priorities for the start of the new academic year can be seen in the timeline below.

In September we welcome our first-year bachelor and master students. It is important that they quickly learn to find their way around. We are in the process of preparing an introduction period in adapted form that should still give them a warm welcome.

In the Protocol TU Delft for the Start of the Academic Year 2020-2021, you can read about the starting points that we at TU Delft use when starting up education and other activities in the new academic year.