The Dutch government strongly advises students arriving from a country or area for which a travel advisory applies for health reasons to maintain self-quarantine for ten days. More information on when to maintain self-quarantine and how to arrange this you will find on this webpage of the Dutch government.

Registration deadlines for the 2020/2021 academic year

For applicants with a Dutch education background

  • For programmes without an enrolment quota (‘numerus fixus’), for which taking part in the study choice check is optional, you may register until 1 September. You can no longer use the study choice.

For applicants with a non-Dutch education background

The application deadline of 1 April remains unchanged. Due to the worldwide anti-coronavirus measures, not everyone will be able to provide the required information before this deadline. Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend this deadline because we would then be unable to complete the admission procedure correctly. Therefore, if you weren’t able to submit the necessary documents in time, you will unfortunately not be able to enrol for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Start of the programme in September

From 1 September 2020, TU Delft aims to provide a mix of online and on-campus education for everyone. Studying at home remains the norm, you can only come to the campus on the advice of your study program / teacher.
Students: keep an eye on Brightspace.

Circumstances beyond a student’s control

The admission of students who cannot be physically present on the campus (that is, those who can only be taught remotely) will be considered only if they have been affected by circumstances beyond their control. Students in this category must request permission for this in advance from their study advisors.

This goodwill arrangement does not apply to most BSc programmes, as it is essential to be physically present for courses in Q1. Only the BSc programmes in Applied Earth Sciences and Nanobiology can start online.

All MSc programmes offer the opportunity to start online.

Circumstances beyond a person’s control refer to:

  • The inability to travel due to entry restrictions imposed by the Dutch government and / or exit restrictions imposed by their country of origin.
  • Delay due to the closure or restricted opening times of consular offices at embassies.

However, if a student starts their studies 100% remotely, the following limits apply:

  • The student must be available in Delft for on-campus educational activities within 6 weeks of the relevant circumstances no longer applying.
  • If the circumstances persist after Q2, the student may be urgently advised to deregister (limiting costs). The relevant conversation is to be held with the study advisor.
  • The goodwill arrangement applies for a maximum period of one academic year.
RIVM Risk groups

Students belonging to the risk groups designated by the RIVM may come to the campus if they wish. Customised solutions are being sought for these students if they cannot receive on-campus teaching. It will not always be possible to prevent their studies being delayed. Solutions for dealing with these and other circumstances beyond a student’s control are dealt with in the usual way, by the study advisers.


For foreign students who study or come to study at TU Delft, TU Delft follows Dutch government policies. Read more on the rules regarding quarantine.

Conditions for remote learning

If you decide to start your programme online, the following conditions apply.

  • TU Delft cannot be held responsible for study delays due to the lack of any particular activities on campus. This will not confer any right to financial support.
  • For the required components of your on-campus programme, you are entitled to take scheduled resits later in the academic year.
  • Remote learning does not mean tuition fees are reduced.
  • The TU Delft housing service can only offer help at the start of the curriculum.
  • Online teaching and remote exams are scheduled according to Dutch time (CET).
  • You have access to a PC or laptop with a stable internet connection and webcam for supervised exams.
Options regarding the start of study
Options regarding the start of study
  • You are in the Netherlands in time to start your programme on the campus.
  • You are not able to arrive in the Netherlands by 31 August and you start your programme online.
  • You are not in the Netherlands in time and you do not want to start online. In this case, you should withdraw your application as soon as possible, but by August 31. If you have already paid your deposit (tuition and living costs) to the TU Delft bank account, the amount will be refunded to your bank account.
Residence permit

Many students with EU nationalities do not need a residence permit for the purpose of study. In the case of non-EEA nationals, 2020-2021 applications for an MVV or study residence permit are sufficient for registration purposes – this is due to coronavirus measures. Students can then start online if necessary.

Admission postponed / starting in 2021

Programme will start in February 2021

Only Industrial Design faculty Master’s programmes offer the opportunity to start in September and February. The other programmes only start in September.

Postponement of admission until September 2021

Offers of admission are officially only valid for the academic year you have applied for. If you want to qualify for the next academic year, you should register again. The application period starts at the beginning of October. We recommend that you visit our website and resend the required documents, as changes to the application process may occur. When you sign up again, we will of course take into consideration your previous admission offer, but this does not guarantee the outcome of your new application procedure.

More applications: housing, registration, visa, finance, campus card, systems

All relevant information can be found on the following pages.

Enrolment process: Diploma, language test, payment, visa, housing.

The graduation ceremony has been postponed and the diploma has not been issued in time for TU Delft

To enrol at TU Delft, applicants must prove that they have obtained the necessary qualifications. This is based on the permission granted on paper during the registration period in Delft shortly before 31 August. Dutch legislation requires this proof, which is why TU Delft cannot alter the deadline. If you have graduated, but do not yet have a diploma, the following documents are sufficient.

  • Provisional diploma(s)
  • Statement and / or final transcript from your educational institution stating that you have successfully met all the requirements for obtaining your degree.

If these documents are not in English, French, German or Dutch, a certified translation into one of these languages ​​is required in addition to the original document.
If you cannot demonstrate that you have successfully fulfilled your prior education requirement, you cannot register.

Language certificate not received on time due to closure of language centres

TU Delft is aware that language centres are temporarily closed and, as a precaution, have postponed testing to a later time. However, in order to properly complete the admission procedures, TU Delft cannot extend the deadline for submitting your English language certificate. To accommodate students who are unable to take an English language test in a test centre due to public health concerns, the ETS is temporarily offering the TOEFL iBL Special Home Edition test.

This test is identical to the TOEFL iBL test that takes place at the test centres, but it is taken using your own computer at home and is monitored online by invigilators.

TU Delft will accept the TOEFL iBL Special Home Edition certificate for the September 2020 intake, provided you have achieved a total score of at least 90 and a minimum score of 21 for each section. Please note that the test scores must be obtained in one go. The TOEFL MyBest scores are therefore not acceptable.

Payment deadline and visa and housing applications

Our current processes, including housing and visa applications for international applicants, have not been changed as a result of the coronavirus. The deadline for payment, 1 July, is still the same. You can find more information at https://www.tudelft.nl/en/education/practical-matters/.


Specific questions about applications / registrations

Please contact us via Contactcentre-ESA@tudelft.nl 

Specific questions about application / registration

Please contact us via Contactcentre-ESA@tudelft.nl

ESA Contact Centre

Refund of tuition fees

Tuition fees have been paid but you cannot come

If you are unable to come to TU Delft, you must withdraw your enrolment before 1 September, before your enrolment is completed. Please contact the Education and Student Affairs Contact Centre (Contactcentre-esa@tudelft.nl) as soon as possible. If you have already made payments, the Contact Centre will inform you of the procedure and ask you for the details of the bank account to which you want the amount to be transferred. TU Delft will refund the amount to your account after deducting the costs that TU Delft has incurred on your behalf, such as costs for a visa application and accommodation. In addition, reimbursement of the registration fee is not possible.

Introduction Programme

Due to the restrictions on organised events in the Netherlands until 1 September, the introduction period will be different to the standard programmes described on the website. More information.

Information about student welfare and study during Covid-19