Installation for testing face-mask safety

News - 01 April 2020 - Communication

Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering (3mE) are sharing the installation for testing face masks in a publication. The researchers use the test installation to test, among other things, whether the materials used and the fit of the masks meet European safety standards. You will find all the last updates and publications on

There is too little testing capacity in the Netherlands to meet the enormous current demand. ‘In answer to the global shortage of personal protective equipment, various alternatives for regular face masks are entering the market. This is a good thing, but it does mean that, in the Netherlands too, there are face masks in circulation that are not safe. To ensure the safety of medical staff, quick validation of the safety of these masks is important,’ says researcher Stefan Lampaert. 

The team of twenty researchers, PhD candidates and Master’s students from TU Delft is in close contact with hospitals and currently has two test installations set up, one in Delft and one in Utrecht. The researchers hope that by sharing the test installation they will enable more places in the Netherlands to test face masks for compliance with European requirements. For more information and the last updates, see:

Carola Poleij
Science Information Officer 
TU Delft