Time to spare? Take an online course!

News - 19 March 2020 - Communication

The coronavirus crisis means that many people have little or no work right now, or extra time on their hands because of cancelled appointments. For some of these people, this might be the perfect time to take an online course. For example one of the many MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) or other online courses offered by TU Delft. There is even a course on programming for children!

Some courses can be started at any time and completed at your own speed. Others have a starting date and you study together with students from all over the world.

For children: programming and maths
As most children are home from school right now, the TU Delft Extension School has re-issued the MOOC ‘Scratch: Programming for Kids’ in Dutch and English. There is also a version for the (home-school) teacher, in Dutch and English. Scratch is a programming language that is great for creating such things as interactive stories, animations, games and music. It is suitable for children from around eight years old.

For older children who will be progressing to university next year, there is the course Pre-University Calculus. This course prepares future students for ‘Introductory Calculus’, a maths course that is part of every Bachelor’s programme at TU Delft. It covers functions, equations, differentiation and integration.

Energy transition
Even before the current crisis, the energy transition was gaining a great deal of attention. TU Delft has a whole series of courses on this theme: Solar Energy, Electric Cars, Zero Energy Design and The Economics of Energy Transition, to name just a few.

Sustainable cities
We are expecting the coronavirus crisis to lead to a decrease in air pollution, but a sustainable living environment remains an important theme. And here again TU Delft has a range of online courses available, ranging from Rethinking the City to Urban Sewage Treatment and Sustainable Urban Development.

More information
Read more in our blog by Willem van Valkenburg, Director of the TU Delft Extension School, or click here for the full range of online courses available.