TU Delft climate arboretum

News - 26 February 2020 - Communication

Because of the measures imposed due to the Corona virus, the festive opening has been cancelled. The arboretum will be set up as planned. 

Wednesday 18 March, National Tree Day (Nationale Boomfeestdag), will see the festive opening of the first climate arboretum at TU Delft. This climate wood is being established in front of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. Here we will study how different tree models contribute to the cooling of the city. The study is part of the Urban Forestry research programme.

Climate arboretum

Some 75 trees will be placed on the square in front of the Faculty building in custom-made containers. The trees, with an average trunk diameter of 20-25 cm and a height of 4-7 metres, will remain there for three years. They will be fitted with sensors to measure the air and radiant temperatures, humidity and evaporation of the trees, among other things. The Delft tree professor René van de Velde and his research team will use this data to record the effect of the trees on their urban environment.

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Mirror configurations

Together with the horticultural sector association VHG and the municipalities of The Hague, Almere, Dordrecht and Delft, great efforts are being made to acquire more knowledge about trees in urban settings. Mirror configurations are being set-up in Almere, Dordrecht and Delft to contribute to this knowledge acquisition whilst simultaneously cooling the cities with trees.

More information

The festive opening has been cancelled, but the arboretum will still be set up according to plan.

For more information: Roy Meijer, Science Information Officer, r.e.t.meijer@tudelft.nl, +31 (0)15 278 1751