Vidi grants for four leading TU Delft researchers

News - 04 November 2020 - Communication

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded four TU Delft researchers a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros. The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group in the coming five years.

TU Delft’s Vidi laureates:

Dr. T. (Toeno) van der Sar
How do electrons move through quantum materials?

Recently discovered materials with special quantum properties offer unprecedented opportunities for the development of new nano-electronics. How electrical current moves through these ‘quantum materials’ is at the heart of their functionality. This research will use a diamond sensor to locally image this current with nanometre resolution. M.A. (Monique) van der Veen
Nanoheaters to unravel catalytic reactions with ultimate time resolution

The Chinese sign for Catalyst is marriage broker, as it decreases the energy for two molecules to react. Many intermediates in the reaction process are too short-lived to detect. With laser pulses I will heat “nanoheaters” extremely fast to jumpstart the reaction after which I stroboscopically detect the short-lived intermediates.

Dr. C.C. (Coen) de Visser
Forecasting safe operating envelopes for autonomous robots

In the near future, robots will play an important role in our daily lives, but only if they are safe. Researchers will develop a new system that gives robots an awareness of their physical limitations, even after failures. This will allow robots to safely recover from dangerous situations.

Dr. ir. D. (Doris) van Halem
Air as driving force for drinking water treatment

Worldwide an estimated 140 million people don’t have safe drinking water due to contamination of their groundwater with poisonous arsenic. The researchers will study how, by postponed addition of oxygen, arsenic can be removed. This new knowledge of controlled biological-chemical treatment processes will be used to develop sustainable treatment technologies.

About VIDI
Vidi is aimed at experienced researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years after obtaining their PhDs. Together with Veni and Vici, Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Programme. Researchers in the Talent Programme are free to submit their own subject for funding. NWO thus encourages curiosity-driven and innovative research. NWO selects researchers based on the quality of the researcher, the innovative character of the research, the expected scientific impact of the research proposal and the possibilities for knowledge use.

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