Bert van Wee | Professor of Excellence 2020

News - 31 August 2020

On Monday 31 August, Bert van Wee, Professor of Transport Policy at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) is named Professor of Excellence 2020 by Delft University Fund. Van Wee receives this prestigious prize for the indelible mark he has left on the Delft, national and international transport communities. He displays a continuous drive to improve education, including his own. He is committed and critical, yet always positive and constructive in his supervision of graduate (198!) and PhD students (28).

From left to right: Drs. Evelyne Esveld, Director Delft University Fund, Prof. Bert van Wee, Professor of Excellence 2020, Prof. Aukje Hassoldt, Dean Faculty TPM, Prof. Caspar Chorus and Prof. Fred van Keulen, Chairman Selection Committee Professor of Excellence Award.

I am flabbergasted to receive this prestigious award and I am grateful to everyone who has expressed their appreciation.

― Prof. Bert van Wee

What makes Professor Bert van Wee a true Professor of Excellence

Professor van Wee has been nominated by prof. drs. Aukje Hassoldt, Dean of Faculty TPM, Study Association Curius, (current and former) PhD students and a large number of internal and external colleagues from the transport community, including organisations such as Oxford University, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV) and TRAIL - Research School for Transport , Infrastructure and Logistics.

Not only are his qualities as a researcher recognized, he is also highly praised for his positive attitude, unbridled enthusiasm, accessibility and unyielding dedication. Bert is one of the most cited TU Delft scientists in national and international media.

The selection committee was very impressed with the nomination. Bert van Wee has an extensive and comprehensive track record. Of special interest to the committee was how his role as coach and mentor has impacted so many others in the transport domain. The committee further recognized how Bert van Wee continues to have a positive impact on society at the national and international level.

Prof. Fred van Keulen, Chair selection committee Professor of Excellence

With a unique mix of research, educational and administrative qualities, Bert makes a unique scientific and social contribution to his field that is difficult to overestimate. With a broad palette of methodologies at his disposal, he has time and again developed new, integrated viewpoints that in turn inspire others. The faculty is privileged to have someone like Bert, with his high scientific caliber and engaging personality, as a key member of our community.

Prof. Aukje Hassoldt, Dean Faculty TPM

Bert is a real educator. Within the transport domain of our faculty, he is truly a walking encyclopedia, constantly coming up with beautiful examples that appeal to the imagination. It is thanks to lecturers like Bert that more students are attracted to our faculty each year, allowing more students to experience the inspiring combination of technology and policy.

Thomas van Gerven, President Study Association Curius

Best of TU Delft

Delft University Fund has awarded the prestigious Professor of Excellence Award (in Dutch: Leermeesterprijs) since 1994. A Professor of Excellence is someone who excels in both research and education, and who knows how to inspire and motivate the next generation of Delft engineers. Recipients of the award are reckoned among the top of TU Delft.  Professors of Excellence are not elected on the basis of yield figures or impact scores, nor are they selected top-down. You can only receive this honorary title on the recommendation of your colleagues and your students, who consider you to be their ‘Leermeester’.

The prize

The Professor of Excellence receives the silver Leermeester medal and a check for € 15,000. Also, KLM bestows two business class tickets for a destination of choice.

The award ceremony

Due to corona measures, the award ceremony will take place later.