Innatera Nanosystems raises €5M to bring neuromorphic intelligence to the sensor-edge

News - 07 December 2020

Dutch neuromorphic processor company Innatera Nanosystems has raised 5 million Euros to bring its brain-inspired processing technology to sensors and sensor-based devices. Innatera is a deep tech spin-off of Delft University of Technology and is part of Delft Enterprises portfolio of innovative companies.

Mimicking pattern recognition

Innatera’s neuromorphic processing chip closely mimics the brain’s mechanisms for pattern recognition, enabling sensor data to be processed faster and with less energy than with conventional processors. This allows AI to be embedded into the sensor-edge, unlocking a wide gamut of applications including intelligent speech processing in human-machine interfaces, vitals monitoring in wearable devices, target recognition in radars and lidars, and fault detection in industrial and automotive equipment.

Read all about Innatera's plans to rapidly grow and accelerate R&D on the TU Delft Campus website.