Coronavirus Update: Impact Press Conference 3 November on X (Part 3)

News - 05 November 2020 - Communication

This afternoon, the decision is made that X does not have to close in its entirety, but can partially remain open within the more stringent measures. 

The activities which will take place from Friday 6 November to Wednesday 18 November will continue:

  • Use of the fitness.
  • Use of the indoor and outdoor facilities upon reservation, with a maximum of two people, keeping a distance of 1.5 metres. Some rooms, such as the Rehearsal Studios, have a maximum of 1 person per room.
  • Attending 1-on-1 sessions with Boost's specialists.

The activities that will take place from Monday 9 November to Wednesday 18 November:

  •  Participation in 1-on-1 music and singing courses.
  • Participation in the certificate evenings of the ACTlab (with max 2 persons).

A strict condition that was already in force is that you have to reserve a time slot for all activities in advance via our webshop. You cannot come to X without a reservation.

All other activities, such as association activities, group courses and ticket hours, will be cancelled until Wednesday 18 November. For the group courses we will investigate when and in what form they can be resumed.

The situation after 18 November is of course unclear and depends on the content of the upcoming press conference. The intention is that on Thursday 19 November, after the two weeks of stricter measures, we will be able to resume the programme that applied until yesterday (4 November).

We are aware that this temporary, significant reduction of activities may bring back the issue of refunds. As with the 'first wave', we will have to wait and see what impact the coronavirus as a whole will have in the coming months. For the time being, our aim is to be able to continue to realise an offer as complete as possible.