Enforcement of adopted coronavirus measures

News - 09 September 2020 - Communication

The new academic year has kicked off, association activities have started and X will soon have almost its full range of products and activities available again. And it is great to see more and more of you again in person. However, to ensure that this continues, we must remain heedful of all specific coronavirus measures, including those concerning the number of people permitted at a location. X has therefore taken steps to adhere to these RIVM measures, including the barring of spectators from our facilities.

X has plenty to offer, ranging from courses, ticket hours, events and projects to other amenities, such as the independent use of a student kitchen and living room, and the opportunity to launch your own activities and/or programming. We want to continue to facilitate X’s diverse programme as much as possible, but to do so during the pandemic also means implementing a number of specific measures. For this reason, the only people currently invited to X are:

  • subscribers who have booked online; 
  • visitors to Cafe X; 
  • individuals who have booked a space through Rental; 
  • and participants of an association or club activity (including opponents in competitions).

*X operates a system of triage for participation in its range of activities and for the renting or booking of spaces. Visitors to Cafe X are also asked to fill in a registration form.

No spectators

We are keen to continue organising our regular range of activities as much as possible, including facilitating more than 40 sports associations and clubs. This means that it is currently not permitted to visit X as a spectator of an activity. Naturally, we all enjoy being cheered on, but for now we will have to make do with the adrenaline rush we get in trying to beat our opponents. 

We trust that everyone will understand and adhere to the adopted measures and we look forward to welcoming everyone again soon as a visitor to X.