Prospective Clinical Technologist presents Theun Baller with ‘self-portrait’

News - 13 July 2021 - Webredactie 3mE

An interview in the science section of the NRC with Boy Koot, Clinical Technologist at Erasmus MC, entrepreneur and professor. Date: 6 October 2036. This is device Clinical Technology bachelor student Boy Koot used for his ‘self-portrait’ for the academic skills section. In the interview, he outlines his promising future as a clinical technologist where he not only practices his profession but also provides healthcare institutions with advice on technological healthcare innovations. Boy Koot’s surprising approach has earned him the honour of presenting his self-portrait to Dean Theun Baller, who will display the image in his room for a year.

Boy Koot: “Presenting my self-portrait to Theun Baller and meeting him in person was a special moment. Personally, this was a great way to end a difficult COVID year. The self-portrait also made me think about what I want to do with my studies. Initially, I wanted to become a professor, but I think I also like to give advice to doctors about technology in healthcare.” 

Integrity ceremony

The Clinical Technology programme is a joint programme between LUMC, Erasmus MC and TU Delft. Creating self-portraits is part of the first-year ethics course taken by Clinical Technology and Medicine students at Erasmus MC. For the self-portrait, students answer questions such as ‘Do you see yourself as a clinical technologist or physician in the future?’, ‘What role does ethics play in your profession, and what will you give the future generation?’ The self-portraits were then discussed during the integrity ceremony. During this ceremony, the Clinical Technology students and first-year Medicine students from Erasmus MC make a declaration: the programmes and the student declare that the student can count on a good education and that he/she promises on his/her part to be helpful, cooperative, honest, respectful and diligent.

Theun Baller: “The integrity ceremony is a nice way to kick off the Clinical Technology programme because it highlights why the programme is important. I think it's fantastic to see how the students convey integrity and am pleasantly surprised by Boy's beautiful self-portrait. It symbolises the future vision of Clinical Technology.”

Read Boy Koot’s self-portrait here: ‘Portrait of a Clinical Technologist’ (Dutch, PDF)