Tech for Health: building a unique Erasmus MC lab to combat arthritis

News - 11 March 2021

This month, the University Fund and TU Delft launched a campaign called Tech for Health | Better healthcare thanks to Delft technology. The campaign comprises seven pioneering and illustrative studies, each symbolising the many unique innovations and collaborations taking place at TU Delft and the medical centres.

One of these studies concerns the construction of a unique lab at Erasmus MC to develop new technology for precision diagnostics and pain management in arthritis. Jaap Harlaar, full professor of Biomechatronics & Human-Machine Control, is leading this project. Harlaar wants to combine classical biomechanics, which studies human movement using motion and force registration, for example, with techniques from radiology. In the newly built lab at Erasmus MC, he will add fluoroscopy to biomechanics. A double X-ray machine will be used to examine exactly how the bones move in relation to each other. A 3D model will translate that into the mechanical load on the cartilage.

Jaap Harlaar: ‘This will enable us to see what is going on in each individual and what treatment is needed to reduce the symptoms. This “precision diagnostics” saves time, money and above all a lot of discomfort and pain for patients.’

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