A toolkit for attractive sustainable station areas

News - 11 November 2021 - Communication BK

How to make stations still interesting places ‘to go’ and ‘to be’ for all in the post-covid situation? And how can we improve the mobility transition so that it fits seamlessly and creates public space for more inviting and attractive stations for people and with fewer cars? That is the research question of Project WALK-IN for which dr. Manuela Triggianese received a KIEM Grant.

WALK-IN Project

Within the project, a design toolkit is being developed for professionals in the creative industry. "The toolkit should provide generic guidelines and spatial solutions for the integration of sustainable mobility with public space at stations." says Manuela. The toolkit will be tested in the Rotterdam Zuid area and developed in collaboration with and between academia and private and public partners. The project aims to develop a new network and an EU funding proposal for Energy Transition and Sustainability.

KIEM Grant

The project is funded by NWO and is part of the KIEM GoCi programme (2020-2021), as exploratory research in the field of creative industry. Manuela Triggianese received a research grant (and co-financing in kind from public and private partners) with the project WALK-IN (Widening sustAinable mobiLity networKs: Impact on Nodes). The research project will run for one year starting from February 2022. Main activities are: planned workshops, research-by-design in education and a final symposium in Rotterdam.

Header: AR0109: City of Innovations Project Students work: Alexander 2025 by Georgina Giassia, Sander Meert, Weiyuan He, Koen Stam”

More information

TU Delft researchers involved are Dr Manuela Triggianese and Yagiz Soylev (Architecture Department, group of Complex Projects), Dr Frank van der Hoeven (Urbanism Department) and Hans de Boer (Deltas Infrastructure Mobility Initiative - DIMI). Consortium partners are PosadMaxwan, De Zwarte Hond, Vereniging Deltametropool, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Bureau Spoorbouwmeester; Prorail stations; Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management; Province of Noord-Holland and Province of Zuid-Holland.

More information? Contact Manuela Triggianese (project leader).