Architecture student award winner ECIO Frank Award for more inclusive education

News - 09 February 2021 - Communication BK

Tess Tegelberg, master student, won the ECIO Frank Award with her thesis on how to design better study buildings at the TU. Her conclusion is that designing for students with functional disabilities creates places that are more pleasant for everyone.

Tess only discovered later that she has ADD, which explained her hypersensitivity to stimuli. She is involved in the platform Student Unlimited (Student Onbeperkt) where students support each other and also advise the TU on the implementation of inclusion policies. She did research on inclusive study spaces for both neurotypical and neurodiverse students. Tess is convinced that by learning from the needs of neurodiverse students, a few well-placed adjustments can create a more pleasant learning environment for all students.

The ECIO Frank Award gives students with functional disabilities a platform. Tess is one of the winners with her idea to make the educational institution more inclusive.

More information

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