Monuments Study Award won by alumna Iris Moons

News - 08 April 2021 - Communication BK

Iris Moons, alumna of our faculty, has won the WTA NL-VL Monuments Study Award. She graduated with the subject "Management of religious heritage - an accommodation strategy for Dutch churches" and was supervised during her graduation by Prof. Alexandra den Heijer and Prof. Ana Pereira Roders. 

The jury highly appreciates all the entries and especially the three nominees because of the chosen subjects and the very thorough elaboration of their graduation work. The jury awarded the prize to Iris Moons because of her social relevance and particularly her innovative view - from a management perspective - of the challenge of reallocating churches that have become vacant in the Netherlands. Besides Iris, also Chiara Pizzimenti, alumnus of the KULeuven and Ananta Vania Iswardhani, alumnus of the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft were nominated. Earlier Iris became second in the NRP Master prize.

WTA NL-VL is the Scientific-Technical Group for Recommendations on Building Renovation and Heritage Conservation, active in the Netherlands and Flanders and part of WTA International.  The study prize is an appreciation for an exceptional contribution - by means of a master or doctoral thesis - to the theory and practice of building conservation. 

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