Strandeiland - Involving citizens in urban development processes

News - 16 April 2021 - Communication BK

Strandeiland is the newest artificial island in the IJburg archipelago in the IJmeer, on the east side of Amsterdam. The island is currently being constructed. With 8,000 homes, Strandeiland is one of the largest future urban districts in Amsterdam. At Strandeiland the DemoS project aims to create an inclusive community of future Strandeilanders. Particularly exciting: new methods are explored to involve residents in the area development process.

Involving citizens in urban development processes

Construction of the first homes on the southern part of Strandeiland (the Muiderbuurt) is expected to start in 2023. How can citizens gain more control and ownership in the development of urban areas? To make the process of shaping the development plans of Strandeiland more democratic, the DemoS project was launched in October 2018. DemoS – democratic Strandeiland – is part of the Participation Plan for this area and has been running for two years.

Increasing sustainability at various levels

The focus of the DemoS project is twofold. On the one hand, the participation team aims to develop new forms of organization in urban development to increase citizen involvement and ownership. These new forms are developed by experimenting with participatory methods.
On the other hand, the project looks at how sustainable and circular innovations can be applied in the development of the island. Therefore, the participation team will contribute to the planning around the themes of sustainability, inclusiveness, and social cohesion using experimental forms of participation and new democratic models.

By involving future residents in the development process, the team wants to enthuse them about the development of the new Strandeiland. It is the first time that this form of organization is applied to a project in the city of Amsterdam.

Participation team

The participation team consists of civil servants, residents and researcher Els Leclercq from TU Delft/AMS Institute. Together they explore – using the Living Lab method – how the development process could be organized in a way that gives (future) residents control and ownership in the development of their living environment.
Also MSc MADE students joined the team. They conducted interviews with citizens to identify the needs related to the development of IJburg. Also, they have given a practical addition by creating a public arena in which citizens can talk to each other about possible proposals and where they can also make decisions, framed ‘Parliament of Place’.

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