Strategy for the Netherlands Polar Programme

News - 01 July 2021 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

The aim of the Netherlands Polar Programme (NPP) is to stimulate and support the development and execution of high-quality research in the Arctic and Antarctic. It is a special programme operated by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), financed and commissioned by the Dutch government. The Netherlands has been committed to scientific polar research since it obtained Consultative Party status in the Antarctic Treaty in 1990, and Observer status in the Arctic Council in 1998. This Pole Position-NL 3.0 describes the third integrated polar research strategy (2021–2025). It is complementary to the Netherlands’ Polar Strategy 2021—2025, titled Prepared for Change, published by the government of the Netherlands. The research strategy was developed with the aid of a strategy committee under the auspices of the NPP Programme Committee.

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