Open Textbook Ports and Waterways: Navigating the changing world

News - 17 September 2021 - Webredactie

Ports and waterways should be viewed as parts of a coherent system that supports waterborne supply chains. Their integral design and operation is essential. Such is the vision of the Ports and Waterways team of our faculty. 

The team has published a TU Delft Open Textbook that integrates the content of a number of separate lecture notes the lecturers have used in their teaching activities. In his upcoming inaugural speech in November, team leader prof. Mark van Koningsveld will further reflect on this topic.

About Open Textbook

TU Delft Open Textbooks is a platform that contains freely accessible textbooks produced by TU Delft teachers and used in bachelor and master courses at TU Delft. This textbook is freely available: Ports and Waterways.