Invitation SONA pilot study

News - 13 August 2021

The TPM Energy Transition Lab is working on setting up a study participation management platform, called SONA.


It is always a hassle to get enough participants for studies and SONA will, once established, reduce this hassle! TU Delft students and employees can create an account, connect their studies to the platform and access ongoing studies. So, SONA is a platform from which everyone, employee or student, can profit!

We need you!

We want to set it up right! And therefore, we need you. We developed a little pilot study that allows you to experience the SONA platform and give us feedback. Your feedback will help us improve, so that the usage of the platform is as smooth as possible. Furthermore, your insights will help us direct the long-term use of SONA in a direction that is beneficial for all TU Delft affiliates. 

What to do?

  • Click on this link. It will direct you to the TU Delft SONA log in page. 
  • There you log in with your NetID. If you have to set up an account first, you can just do this now and then enter SONA. 
  • You will or should land directly on the study page within SONA. There you will see some information about the study. 
  • If you do not directly see the SONA pilot study, click on “studies” in the blue header of the page. Then select SONA pilot study. 
  • Click on “view study website” to get redirected to the online survey. 
  • Once you have finished the survey you should be redirected to SONA. This allows study owners to register that a participant has completed the study. 

If you encounter problems or have questions about SONA, please contact our TPM ET Lab assistant Sean van der Lee or Katharina Biely by mail.