From minor to majorly impressive Advanced Prototyping Minor Class of 2020-2021

News - 04 February 2021 - Communication

While the last year has shown us just how much can be achieved virtually, the ability to translate an idea into a tangible prototype remains an important design competency.  The students of the Advanced Prototyping Minor have been showing us how it’s done. During the second part of the minor, students worked in groups to create and prototype new digital fabrication techniques and emerging materials. Finally, they created movies showcasing their process and rather impressive results.

Over the course of the last semester students of the Advanced Prototyping minor have been hard at work, designing, developing, validating and finessing their prototypes, employing new advanced manufacturing techniques and emerging material applications. The intrinsic potential of the digital techniques employed by the students allowed them to overcome the difficulties of working at a distance, delivering astonishing results.

Course coordinators Willemijn Elkhuizen and Sander Minnoye said: “It was great to see the effort students put into these projects, leading to such advanced prototypes and happy clients.” 

Corona regulations didn’t allow for a physical exhibition with the final full-scale prototypes, so an online event, featuring presentations and live demos of the seven projects took its place. The results were compiled into a video. Be bewildered by the amazing results

The minor

The Advanced Prototyping Minor is a programme that brings together the most recent research topics related to advanced manufacturing (digitalisation, design automation and digital fabrication) and emerging materials, to create functional low and high-fidelity prototypes. The course aims at equipping students with a wide range of advanced prototyping skills and in-depth knowledge of current state-of-the-art techniques to create prototypes which capture both function and appearance of the intended design. Find out more on the dedicated website.