Education Inspirations

News - 21 January 2021 - Communication

As a COVID-friendly alternative to the annual IDE Education Day, this year's BSc revision team is hosting the ‘Education Inspirations’. This programme is filled with lectures and workshops and will run from January to June 2021. The new bachelor is the central theme, but the subjects are relevant for all teachers whether working on the  bachelor or involved in  master education. 

Last Thursday, January 14, was the Kick-off of Education Inspirations. During this online presentation, Sylvia Mooij gave an introduction to the renewed Bachelor's and the Education Inspirations programme, followed by an introduction to autonomous learning by Joska Spruyt. The presentation and slides can be viewed here. Future workshops and lectures will also be announced on this page.

The next event will take place on January 25, with the theme: Open Education. During this session, TU Delft Library will introduce Open Education as a concept of educational innovation.

Open Education is based on having full and easy access to open educational resources that can be reused in courses, but also on creating and publishing one’s own materials. These resources might include all kinds of educational content that can be adapted to the course, shared with students or even published as new work. During the session the potential benefits of  this approach will be discussed. For example, how it might help organise courses more effectively for students and how it might open up possibilities for interesting new teaching activities. Together with you we want to discuss how Open Education connects to your needs as a lecturer and how the TU Delft Library can help you get started.