Ten Delft Design authors in special issue of ‘Work’ journal

News - 21 January 2021 - Communication

With most of us having worked mainly from home for almost a year, the quality of our working environment has become more relevant than ever before. This week sees the publication of a special issue of the scientific journal ‘Work’, in which various aspects related to comfort are described. Uniquely, ten of the authors that contributed to this special issue hail from our faculty, representing the Human-Centered Design and Sustainable Design Engineering departments.

Covering all aspects

Some papers included in the journal are focused on environmental comfort, tackling issues like smell, temperature, light, acoustics, space. Other papers focus on designed artefacts that impact human comfort: seating, beds, lighting and the angle of the floor, to name a number of examples. However, this special issue also considers modelling of comfort and behaviour.

Some interesting findings are the fact that the smell of mandarin oranges can influence comfort in some individuals; the fact that human behaviour plays a significant role in whether comfort is perceived (the action you carry out influences it); and the discovery that heating panels in cars can offer the same level of comfort as heating the whole interior, while consuming less energy.   

One of the most interesting papers gives an overview of questionnaires on the topic of comfort. Based on a study involving 55 experts, the authors were able to identify the best questionnaire for specific comfort research scenarios. See the questionnaire.  

IDE authors contributing to January 2021 special comfort issue of ‘Work’

Shabila Anjani

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Number of authors and co-authors per country in this special issue

Italy 24
UK 17
China 17


Germany 12
Canada 4
France 4
Belgium 3
Austria 3
Brazil 1
India 1
Total 99


Work journal – speciale uitgave – videoboodschap door Professor Peter Vink

Guest editors of this special issue of Work were:

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Vink, TU Delft
  • Prof. Dr. Alessandro Naddeo. University of Salerno
  • Dr. Susanne Frohriep, Grammer AG
  • Prof. Dr. Neil Mansfield, Nottigham Trent University