AIFluids lab, new in the second series of TU Delft AI Labs

News - 02 February 2021

Dr. Davide Modesti, assistant professor at the Department of Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Flight Performance & Propulsion (AWEP) of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering will lead the research into the essence of complex physical flows in air, water or other media. This research will take place within the new AIFluids lab, which aims to develop models that can be used to design more efficient aircraft and wind farms. The lab will focus on two major challenges of fluid mechanics: predicting and controlling complex, unstable and turbulent flows.

New TU Delft AI Labs

The AIFluids lab is one of eight new AI Labs, the second series of AI Labs at TU Delft. In these labs, scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate scientific progress and help solve societal issues. Central to these labs is the collaboration between experts in the most advanced AI technologies with domain experts. Another eight labs will be launched later in 2021, bringing the total to 24.

About the TU Delft AI Labs

The rapid developments in AI, data sciences and digitalisation can bring about an acceleration in scientific progress across all domains, from medical sciences to infrastructure research, and from fundamental to applied research, which is why TU Delft launched the first eight TU Delft AI Labs in 2020. The TU Delft AI Lab programme provides ambitious academics with five years’ stimulus funding to jointly build up new and still­developing research areas to form independent and mature disciplines. TU Delft has structurally allocated more than six million euros for these labs.

Dr. D. (Davide) Modesti
Assistant Professor

Education and AI

AI-related knowledge is also vital for the future generation of engineers and scientists in technology, which is why the labs are also used to reinforce teaching in AI, data sciences and digitalisation and to build bridges with teaching in the various science domains.

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