First Dutch military nanosatellite launched

News - 01 July 2021

On 30 June, the first Dutch military nanosatellite was launched from the Mojave Desert in the United States. The nanosatellite BRIK II was brought into orbit by the company Virgin Orbit. 

Video credit: Virgin Orbit


The satellite is not much bigger than a carton of milk. The advantage of the small size is that the satellite can be built much faster and is much cheaper, also to launch. With a limited budget, three complex systems have been brought together in the small satellite.

Photo credit: Ministry of Defense


A number of organisations have joined forces to develop the satellite. The Delft-based company Innovative Solutions in Space (ISISPACE) is the designer and integrator of the BRIK-II. The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) has developed new technologies that are put into practice on the BRIK-II. This has been done in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the University of Oslo.

Advisory role

Stefano Speretta and Trevor Watts from the Space Engineering department are involved in the project in an advisory role.