New Online Course: Sustainable Aviation

News - 27 May 2021

The experts of The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft have authored this new online course to share the current and future developments and strategies to achieve climate-neutral aviation with learners of various backgrounds (and not only technical ones). 

Aviation is responsible for ~12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources and 2-3% of the total global emissions - and with the growth of air travel, these are expected to triple by 2050. Consequently, aviation is one of the key sectors on which to focus our attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Simply put, we need a clear sky revolution!

The course

We will start from the basics of how aircraft fly and how they impact the environment. You will gain present-day knowledge of possibilities of modern engineering to make aviation more sustainable. Next, we will discuss more advanced solutions currently under research and development. You will learn about alternative propulsion methods, energy carriers (batteries, fuel cells) and novel aircraft designs (including the Flying-V). We will also bust some common myths about the topics along the way. Beyond technical solutions, you will also discover the importance of the ecosystem surrounding aviation for its sustainability, including manufacturing, operations, and the role of the individual in our airborne society. 

We need climate-neutral aviation. The challenges are enormous, but solutions must and will be found. Through this MOOC we want to share what we know, so that all of you can be part of this ‘clean sky revolution'.

Henri Werij, Dean Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft

For whom?

  • Politicians and policy makers in aviation, climate and transport
  • Media professionals
  • Professionals in aviation or transport
  • Students (high-school and up)
  • Anyone interested in the topic

The course is in English. No previous knowledge is required. For more details, please visit Sustainable Aviation: The Route to Climate-Neutral Aviation

Join us to this journey and discover what role you have in this transition! Enroll now.