Succesful first edition of PhD course 'Safe by Design'

News - 16 July 2021

The TU Delft Safety & Security Institute just completed the first two day “Safe by Design” PhD-course in collaboration with RIVM and VU, a hybrid event with more than 50 students participating.

June 30 and July 1 an international group of PhD students joined the course both physically social distanced as well as online. The aim of the course was to give the participants an overview of the extensiveness and importance of an integral approach of Safe by Design in a format that gave room for lots of online and offline interaction.

Safety is becoming increasingly more relevant in various fields, particularly in designing products and processes. The renewed focus on Safe by Design tries to identify and include safety (along with other important values such as sustainability, security and circularity) at an early stage of design to frontload it in the process.

A team of six lecturers from TU Delft, Vrije Universiteit & RIVM offered a broad academic and a practice-oriented approach to the subject, aiming to teach to students how to proactively address potential risks and addressing ethical, legal and societal issues early on in research and innovation.

The course addressed two aspects: The theory and practice of Safety Science, and the designing for Safety. This gave the students an all-round approach to the subject.

This course will be given again next academic year. For more information please email Astrid Pinzger ( and a more detailed description of this course can be found here