4TU NIRICT grant for Lorentz workshop on future computing

News - 17 June 2021 - Webredactie

TBM Researcher Aaron Ding is awarded 4TU NIRICT Grant for the recent Lorentz workshop about future computing. This awarded Lorentz event aims to develop a joint research agenda considering a broader vision of future computing which helps bring underrepresented researchers to meet junior and senior researchers in their domain and expand their network.

Lorentz Workshop

The Lorentz workshop is creating a scientific community within the Netherlands of like-minded but also complementary-skilled researchers who are motivated to tackle the unique challenges of edge computing and unlocking the value of edge computing in research and education. 

The rising domain of edge computing is the new generation of cloud computing, by bringing the cloud from the far away data centre closer to the user. Think of a smart speaker for example, that collects different sensing information from the environment, instead of sending this information to the cloud, edge computing enables the processing and analysis of this data directly on the device. 

The recently held 4-day Lorentz event consisted of keynotes and panels discussions by leading academic and industrial experts, including TU Munich, Imperial College London, Georgia Tech and Ericsson. From TBM, Seda G├╝rses was invited as panellist to shed light on security and privacy in future computing. 

To follow up this successful event, Aaron Ding will host a seminar on Edge AI, to occur at the internationally renown Dagstuhl in Germany coming August.